Please feel free to comment on my website. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me at


Amal Fahem
12/17/2010 21:21

I hope that my website is the beginning of something big for me!

Imane Terhmina
12/20/2010 19:33

Hey Amal!!
I just spent the last 20 min on your website... this is an awesome work, beautifully written by a gorgeous and brilliant Mount Holyoke student!!!!

I especially loved the "Tunisian women yesterday and today" section... It is extremely informative and thought-provoking... Excellent job!!!! :)


12/21/2010 12:10

This is such an interesting and fascinating website!! It is definitely very educational and I learned a lot from this. Share this link with everyone you know :) Good job, Amal!! I'm proud to call you my Mount Holyoke classmate :)

01/14/2011 18:13

Hi Amal,
You don't know me but I just wanted to congratulate you for this excellent blog and the work you've put together to gather all this valuable information and to present it to the world in such serious and professional manner.
I know Tunisia is going through hard times right now and hope you and your loved ones are safe. I also hope peace and stability will return to Tunisia as soon as possible.
I am a composer and a musician always in search of what makes us human in order to create music from what I find. I want you to know that your website provides me with deep inspiration.
Please consider yourself kindly invited to visit me at
May your paths be happy and fruitful.
Again, congratulations.

Cristina Del Mar reinecke
01/19/2011 17:29

Hi Amel,
i m half tunisian.... your website is really amazing:) great work

01/24/2011 20:47

sorry , i just stumbled upon your website as i was wondering about what was happening in tunisia, i am from singapore and really know nothing abt your beautiful country, however i would just like to send my sincerest wishes for the well being of the people of tunisia in what seems like a turbulent time and pray that god keeps all safe.

Amal Fahem
02/05/2011 11:06

Thank you!

02/22/2011 07:40

Hi Amal,
I'm watching a 60-Minutes story right now on Tunisia. It got me wondering and I googled; found your site and it's been very interesting. Thank you for putting this together. I hope to keep learning; I'm starting from zero.
It's amazing what's happening in the middle-east currently...

03/08/2011 00:23

you can find what you want to in here,make your life full of color ,it's a perfect website.

Bradley Wales
06/06/2011 23:05


My name is Bradley and I have to comment you on a beautiful Website. Just to let you know I have sent you a friend request on facebook if you don't mind????

04/09/2012 01:21

Very glad to see your blog, thank you share so many interesting things. Hope that in the future can see you day published more interesting!

06/24/2012 23:38

Hello!Loved reading ur blog,it gave me so much information.Not just listening to the rumors.Hope in the future u will writte something about the married life of a tunisian woman.I am not tunisian but i am curious how life goes there.


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